Cooling Products

Cooling Products


Refrigerated water chiller for applications where you require fluid to be supplied to equipment and the fluid need to be at a temperature less than 18 deg C. Each chiller is a fully package self contained unit with integral tank...

Cooling Tower

The heat extraction capability of an evaporative cooling water tower is theoretically limiless. In practice, manufactured towers are normally used to remove from 50 kW to 10,000 kW of heat from cooling water systems and is the...

Dry Air Coolers

Coolers designed for sealed system to remove large heat loads from process water. Environmentally friendly way of removing heat with no water make-up requirement or water treatment. Will provide process water typically 4 deg C...

Lube Oil Module

Centralised oil lubrication module for lubricating & cooling applications such as gear boxes & bearings

Pumping Modules

The Heart of any cooling water system. Bespoke design using recirculating pumps to deliver fluid at the correct rate and pressure to the equipment being cooled and the source of heat rejection. Single or multiple pumps can be...

Roll Coolant

Large or custom built stations are available to meet individual customer requirements.

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